Fasting at the Baltic Sea

About me:


Leader of fasting (d-f-a)
Basic Instructor of Nordic Walking INWA
Leader of autogenic training

 Everybody can perform by magic,
 Everybody can reach his aims,
 if he can think,
 if he can wait,
 if he can fast.
( H. Hesse Siddharta )

In the idyllic region you can have with my help
a very successful time of fasting.
Here you will find silence and get away from your stress.
Fasting is one of the most efficient and natural treatments
for your body, soul, mind and spirit.
It also increases immunity and develops the "inner healer".
After I fasted the first time I felt big changes in my
I lost weight and I felt younger and healthier.
Today Fasting is one part of my nutrition and of my health.

I was born in Rostock and
I love the beautiful scenery, the
atmosphere and the people.
I am a member of the German
Fasting Academy (d-f-a).
I worked severeal weeks in the
Buchinger- Fasting- Clinic on the
Constanze Lake in Überlingen
where I collected much important

At your fasting week...

Any questions e- mail ore phone:

Tel. 017632437617

every day

- sport in the morning on the beach
- learning nordic- walking
- we go walking or go cycling
- time for yourself
- meditation, yoga, autogenic training...
- talk about fasting and nutrition